March 4th, 2009

Monetary Growth 1-4

Idea & graphs: Helmut Creutz – Realization: Robert Mittelstaedt
The video is based upon the analytical work of Helmut Creutz and his book “The Money Syndrome. Towards a Market Economy Free from Crises“. In order to sustain the life of humanity on this planet, we must recognize the planet’s limits of space and resources. The existing global money system contains relics of the past feudal economy which are no longer applicable. We have to probe deeper into our economic and financial systems in order to find a way to sensibly deal with our situation at present and in the future.

“The Money Syndrome”.
About the Author

Supporters of the money reform express their appreciation for the work of Helmut Creutz (with English subtitles).
This video is an excerpt from the German DVD “Gerechtes Geld – Gerechte Welt” (Fair Money – Fair World, 67 minutes) which can be obtained from INWO

Visit also the YouTube Channel “The Money Syndrome” with a selection of videos related to the subject.