Unemployment, government indebtedness, environmental degradation and increasing social polarization are the main topics that we confront every day in our media. The causes of undesired occurrences are mostly searched in patterns of human behavior or political decisions. Very rarely they are looked for in economic conditions and almost never in the area of money.

Thirty years ago, I was stimulated by a letter from a reader to probe into these relationships and interconnections. In the beginning sceptical and eager to try to disprove the reader, I soon discovered more and more antagonisms and discrepancies in the area of our money and currency order, which increasingly motivated me to find answers. Especially, after I found out that these discrepancies are not only affecting our economy and life substantially and adversely, but were based on selfaggravating mechanisms.

Now you hold the comprehensive outcome of my analytical work in your hands. Even though the bulk of “white spots” could be cleared, dealing with the problems of money becomes more urgent day by day on account of the actual developments.

Helmut Creutz

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