Jürgen Kremer
Dynamic Analysis — Investigating the Long-Term Behaviour of Economies, working paper PDF, 381 KB

Dr. Albert A. Bartlett
Arithmetic, Population and Energy (French translation, English audio & transcript)
“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

Robert Mittelstaedt
Michael Ende’s Last Words to the Japanese, PDF, 81 KB

Kenji Saito
NEO in Wonderland – A tale of money that changes our future. PDF, 4.3 MB (English)
A visionary fairy tale based on the iWAT-System, a local currency system in Japan using the internet to create circles of trust on a P2P basis. This fantasy story is not only for children, but may inspire adults as well. “NEO” refers to “The Natural Economic Order” by Silvio Gesell.

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